Sat/Sun, 23/24 March 2913; 2:30am
Electronic City, Bangalore

Saturday was a day of my passion, passion towards writing, passion towards fulfilling commitments and passion towards fulfilling my dreams. Today, I devoted to writing on my recent Home trip. Hope you would like it. Here is the link: Do read and share your feedback on my writing. Well!, after attending Abhijit Bhaduri’s session on ‘The importance of feedback in growth and development’, I really seek feedback from each of my readers.
Moving on, remembering the 16 Dec 2012 Delhi rape case victim, Damini, one of the prime perpetrators, Ram Singh committed suicide, rather was killed either by Jail authorities or his fellow men in the cell recently. He did receive what he deserved but not in fashion it should have been. Well!.. Indian Judicial system is a delayed Justice System. I hope the remaining 5 victims of the menial crime get deserving punishments. 
I change my FB profile pic today.
Good Night and Good Morning to all of you!!
Narendra Gupta