Friday, 23rd Nov 2012; 11:30pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
It was an eventful day with series of events bringing in moments of in-decisiveness, anxiety, satisfaction, and a challenging opportunity ahead with few good lessons learnt. Today, I started the day by going to Gym (M70 – M2W5D15) sweating out some 300 Calories on the treadmill. While it was a normal business, I learnt a special lesson this morning at the work-out station. A guy was searching for his specs, he had left on one of the elliptical machines, I just helped him saying it is on the machine on the corner since I had worked-out on it moments ago, believe it or not, I was taken aback by his reply. Instead of saying Thank You, he said “I have eyes, I can see”.  My goodness, I just tried to help a guy who was struggling to get his specs. While it might be an attitude problem with the (arrogant) guy, I learnt and recalled the lesson that ‘Don’t help others unless asked for’ but there are exceptions always. 
Further in the day, felt satisfied by imparting knowledge to the 2012 pass-out freshers for whom I was given the responsibility to train. It is good to see new people joining in work with lot of hopes, sparkle in their eyes, temperament to learn. I get inspired by them all. Thereafter I received a call from Anil, my practice manager who asked me to work on a new assignment quite challenging and bigger responsibility. I was in a state of in-decisiveness if I will be able to meet his expectations. I have to start working from the next week onwards and as per one of the Delivery Managers who called in the evening, he expects immediate deliverables. I assured him that I would do my best in the given time. Thankfully he did not interview me on some technical stuffs I was not sure about. I look forward to this responsibility.
Kiran, who had been insisting on me to join Amway under his business line, once again put me in state of in-decisiveness this evening showing his business gains and the benefits of attending seminars. After some thought, I replied him finally and affirmatively that I am not mentally prepared for this at this point of time with other aspects like time and money in mind. He said he respected my decision. Thanks Kiran.
Finally, my heartiest thanks to the express delivery service, Flipkart which delivered both my books I had ordered yesterday. So my next reading would be Mr Robin Sharma’s ‘The Leader who had no title’ and ‘Don’t Lose your mind, lose your weight’ by Rujuta Diwekar. Thanks again Flipkart.
Good Night to all.
Narendra Gupta