Sunday, 28th Oct 2012; 10:45pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
Wao!! What a Sunday it was. Certainly, will remain in memories for many days to come. Today, I attended two important functions, each life changing events for someone in their lives. First event was Mridul’s,my Landlord’s Grandson’s (his daughter’s son) naming ceremony this afternoon followed by Madhuri’s, my Ex-Project mate’s wedding function in the evening. This Sunday was all about having fun and getting more acquainted to a different culture.
Mridul’s Naming Ceremony:
Me with little “Mridul”
Words have meaning and Names have Power. The Little baby got his identity today. Yes, he got his name “MRIDUL”. This is the name; the world would call him for the next 80-100 years and even after that. I recall of the famous proverb “Good men must die but death cannot kill their names”. I wish little Mridul, a very Happy, Healthy, worthwhile and a long Life with everlasting NAME. God bless!!
Madhuri weds Vijay:
Picture of the Day!!
In the evening, attended, the jolly, the talkative, and the beautiful Madhuri’s wedding reception. The cynosure of the evening, the wedding couple was made for each other type and both of them were looking gorgeous. I recall of last week when Madhuri was feeling so anxious, nervous yet excited talking non-stop, yelling her toothache and swollen cheek and other ‘before marriage’ worries. She would say, what if my cheek remains swollen like this, how would I look, people come to see the bride…bla blah…. She was looking elegant and well matched with her life mate. I wish the couple a very Happy Married Life and would endorse these words of Martin Luther  for this awesome pair : “Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.” 
As far as M-70 is concerned, it was a complete cheat meal day dominated by non-veg and high-calorie food. Also, loved the vegetarian food at the Madhuri’s wedding reception. Varieties in galore in the meal followed by deserts, fruit salad, chatpatti chat, pop-corn, paan………Ufff… gol-ghar ke kitne chakkar katne honge, ye to kal subah hi patta chalega J
Superb Sunday it was. Wish many more to come.
well, It’s late in the night now. I wish all of you a Happy Monday.
Good Night.
Narendra Gupta