Thu/Fri; 29/30th Nov 2012;6:45am
Electronic City, Bangalore

I had the sleep of the month. last evening, I lied down just for a small nap (at 7:30 pm)  after office hours and it turned out to be a mega sleep, could get up only a few moments ago, making it almost 11 hours of un-interrupted slumber. Kudos to me! 😛

I will skip Gym today,means will have to make it tomorrow (the 3rd and final day of the week.) Yesterday  (M-70: M2W6D18), I weighed 78.0 Kg after the workouts which means I am still in the range of 78-79 Kgs after almost 6 weeks of workout. Its (Target of 70 Kgs) not going to be easy…..

 Looking forward for a day full of Learning today..

Good Morning and a Great Day to all of you..

Narendra Gupta