Thu/Fri, 27/28 Dec 2012; 12:20am
Electronic City, Bangalore

Sanskriti..My Princess is 4 months old now..
4 days to go and 2012 will say a Goodbye for ever. The year has given some of the most memorable moments of Life. My baby, my little doll is the special..est gift, God and the Year 2012 has presented me with. Yesterday, my brother-in-law who recently visited home, sent  few more pics of my baby. My cutie-pie is 4 months old now, had seen her last when she was just 8 days old. I miss her every single moment, mere thought of my angel make me either too emotive or too happy when I hear of her each small developments. Some work-commitment and farther distance has been keeping me away so far, but very soon I would take my baby in my laps, talk with her, play with her, and do everything a father does..:-|

Okay..moving on..I started the day on a slow note after cold and a mild fever for last 2 days. I was feeling fresh, and tried to savor each moment I spent today, enjoyed my breakfast, lunch and dinner to the fullest. Had special ‘Chicken Hyderabadi along with fulkas’ at a Bihari restaurant in the dinner. It was simply superb and food was much more pleasant-tasting, I had in many days. At work, I was a bit slow but then,   fair enough,  took timely breaks to avoid headaches. 🙂

All in all, I enjoyed and relaxed for the day and took it easy. So less work and No workouts, just chilled today.

Looking forward for an efficient day at work tomorrow.

Wishing you all a Very Good Night.

Narendra Gupta