About me

A Son, a Husband and a Father

He believes that if there is any human god one should worship on Earth, it is their parents. He had named one of his life goals as ‘Ish yug ka Sharavan kumar’ in which he shall take his parents to places of their interests (places of pilgrimage and others).

A proud husband of a lady who is an epitome of sacrifices and dedication, a devoted mother and a wife with the most beautiful heart.

A Father of two adorable daughters, he is on a constant pursuit to improve himself as a human being.  He opines to grow and raise their children well; parents must raise themselves, their level of awareness and live a life of example.

A Blogger

He began writing in his diary since he was 14. For past 3 years, he has been journaling every single day expressing his emotions either to himself or sometimes writes letters to the Creator seeking answers which are beyond the confines of his five senses.

He loves spending time with himself and among the books, his companion for life long.


A Hindu by Birth, he does not identify himself with any religion. He believes in one and only religion called, the Humanity. He has equal love and respect for all the religions on earth.


Although he speaks Hindi and English, he firmly believes in the language of love, of truth, kindness, compassion, peace and generosity.


The world is a classroom and its people are my assignment. He loves meeting with people from different geography, culture, religion and vivid walks of life. A proud Indian with deep love for his country, he believes the entire earth is his home and has equal respect for every other country.