My Classics: Poem Corner 
I wrote some eight (8) poems as a school kid (between 1997-2002). And then amidst the busyness of college and professional life, I let the poet in me sleep. I wish to write again. In this regard, I present to you my first ever Poem, I wrote some 16 years ago straight from the pages of my first journal. Please don’t expect much maturity from these poems as I wrote them all when I was just school going. All my poems, so far were hidden in my dairy read by few close friends and relatives. I will be scanning and publishing one of my poems every Saturday going forward. Stay tuned!!
My first poem was centered on none other than, THE Sachin Tendulkar. Those were the days when Sachin was at the peak of his career and people use to watch cricket matches only and only because of Sachin. People expected century from him in every match and in case he would get out, TV sets were switched-off, children used to cry even. Such was the craze for Sachin. This poem is my tribute to the God of Cricket.

सचिन तू महान है।