Mon/Tue, 15/16 April 2013; 11:55pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Today is the first day of Bengali New Year. I once again wish all my Bengali friends a very Happy New Year..’Subho Nabo Borsho’. I wish everyone be more happier, successful and most importantly healthier this coming year, I wish the world to be more peaceful, harmonious and beautiful place to live than ever. Well, today I encouraged Ashis, Soumyajeet, both pursuing their MS program at Wipro, to stay motivated and perform better at work and stop complaining about location constraints (office is small in Kolkata, Bangalore has this, that….and so on) and various other things. I told them that each place has its own importance and instead of complaining about the limitations of the place, try to explore the positives and how you can improve in your work because wherever you go, what matters is the work you do and nothing else. In the evening I met Dikku, a BPO employee whom I befriended while having dinner a couple of days ago. I guided Dikku on how he can plan for the job change he is looking for in next few months. I motivated him saying I really want you to do extra-ordinary in your life. Dikku  felt happy, energized and motivated and that is exactly what I want to see on every single individual’s face who crosses my life.
Wishing you the Very Best for living a phenomenal life.
Narendra Gupta