Thu/Fri, 10/11 Jan 2013;12:01am
Electronic City, Bangalore

It was a busy but overall a satisfactory day. I could reach home only a few moments ago after hectic session of work today (M70: M4W12D30). I went to Gym on my scheduled time of (6-7) pm, taking an hour-off from work. These days my focus is on reducing the fat around belly area, am doing more of abs, push-ups, mountain-climbers, toe-taps and the likes. Same time, I feel that I will have to take care of my diet part (proper nutrients, proteins, carbs intake). Striking a balance between your food intake and you fat-burnouts is going to be a challenge for you Narendra in the coming days.

Sharing these poems, (which) I came across on a fitness website:

Burn Fat Burn

Sometimes the path seems filled with pain,
but the only thing that hurts is your ego in vain.
Who says you’ll find success by pushing yourself daily,
when the results seem as far as the comet Halley.
But wait, you say, there’s a simple solution,
because reasons and excuses are just an illusion.
So keep on trucking with that positive attitude,
with fat burning workouts there’s no room for platitude.
Always set your intentions and just let’em fly,
no judgment, no worries, to your old ways goodbye!


I’m here to help you
There’s no need to fail
If you know what to do
Then just step on the scale

Believe you can tighten
Believe you can win
Cause who better than you
Conquers that battle within

Mother Nature’s quite cruel
Father Time’s a quick chime
Who says you can’t switch
To a program like mine

Don’t despair my good student
You’ll never be bored
With a daily fitness program
You’ll love your reward


Good Night Friends!!

Lovely and Sweet Dreams to all..

Narendra Gupta