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“A man is a critic when he cannot be an artist, in the same way that a man becomes an informer when he cannot be a soldier.”                                                                               – Gustave Flaubert
To all the beautiful, kind, generous, iconic, trend setter, history maker and world changer people on earth, accept my heartiest greetings. The world is alive and there is hope just because of you. No matter what, Keep your spirits high; keep working towards your Goals with a single-minded focus, passion, compassion, positive energy, love, respect, and utmost zeal and my friends, one day success will be yours. 
We see the world through our eyes that is to say we see the world not as it is but as we are. Having said that, whatever I write is my perception of the world and I leave to my revered readers to take their stand and suggest me with any similar or different thoughts for today’s post. 
Friends, a few days back I was struggling with a lot of criticism surrounding me. And this was in return of my ultra-helpful nature, my supreme excellence in whatever I do, my super-gracious behavior, my eagerness, my colossal willingness to inspire Lives all-around, my endeavor to change things and situations in the positive way. I was stormed with what I was getting in return of my Goodness and Effectiveness. I did a lot of reading and research on dealing with such unfair situations. I asked some veterans from Industry across India, UK and the US and what came out was surprising. Today I present to you a glimpse of my insights on things to do when you face criticism and when someone tries to pull you down.  
Some people cannot handle your success. They will have absolute no problem if you stay where you were 5 years ago but the moment you start rising to a higher league, when you leave the class of average, they will start criticizing you (at your back), they will stop talking to you, they will be jealous and try to defame you or frame you with wrong charges. Friends, let me remind you here, a quote from noted American Bishop and Televangelist, Fulton J Sheen “jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to the genius”.
The Case of Narendra Modi:  
Last weekend I was watching recorded telecast of Narendra Modi’s interview with Rajat Sharmaon India TV. To an audience’s question of ‘where did he gain strength during and after 2002 Gujarat riots when the local, national, international media and the entire universe was against him throwing mountains of criticism?’, Mr. Modi replied ‘those who have truth with them, always triumph. It is those trying times which made me stronger and eventually won me respect and love of people.’Friends, no matter what, Truth always and always triumphs. 
Your stand to criticism should be: 
Friends, don’t let anyone’s criticism define or limit you. As Robin Sharma, noted Leader and Author says “It’s easy to criticize someone and find fault with what they do. Anyone can do that with a few words or by few keystrokes. Talk is cheap….let’s see them do better.”  Every moment we pay attention to criticism is a moment wasted. We can utilize this energy in working towards our dreams and goals. Another fact Robin proposes is ‘whenever you are being criticized; it’s a reflection that you are playing at your excellence. Take it as a complement and just keep moving forward (KMF). Reframe the negative situation into an opportunity and think what is here to learn. Importantly friends, it’s very nature of Leadership that you will be criticized. So be deaf when someone says you can’t.  
And to all the Critics, I leave you with a quote from Abraham Lincoln:
He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help.”
I wrote the following letter on Tuesday, 06th May 2014. I hope you will like it. I am printing one of the complements I received from one of my revered readers for the below letter:)
“Your mails are magical, Narendra.
I am pleased and thankful that I am receiving them.
Many thanks for spreading the positivity; it has magical power in it. Please keep it continued, you never know at any point of time how much positive vibes it fills in the reader’s mind.
Best Regards, Suruchi”

Don’t Let Others put you down

My Sweetest Greetings to Each one of you,
I feel so uplifted to know many of you liked Oprah Winfrey’s 3 Lessons I shared last Tuesday. It feels good to know these ideas are inspiring you at work and in personal life. Thanks for all the kind words you have poured in my inbox with. They mean a lot to me and I value them so much.
Today I encourage you to run your own race and not allow anyone to put you down, whoever, yes whoever He/She is.  I insist on the word ‘whoever’ because sometimes the Critics can be someone you highly respect, someone in your friend circle or even a family member. By no means I say anyone is bad or wrong. I guess what I wish to say is ‘It is your dream and nobody else, you must protect it’.  If somebody cannot boost your dreams, they have NO right to bust your dreams.
Let me share an incidence that happened last week. A person said to me “I doubt your capabilities on XYZ thing” He said so just because I was not working the way he wanted me to. He was trying to pressurize me to mend his way. Well, just because he was a senior I kept quiet that moment. I smiled and simply said to my inner self and with all respect to my critic…”Dear ABC, who are you to define my Capabilities? My Capabilities are far beyond your imagination. An average minded person like you just can’t think about it.”
I did some further self-talk and thought RESPECT is not deserved by everyone. People don’t respect a Person or Position (though sometimes we have to fake itJ), People respect their Behavior, Attitude, Conduct and their integrity norms.
Critics! Strike them off. Someone has rightly said “All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.”Just Don’t worry about your critics rather I would say: you should be happy because having critics means you are on the right path. “If you chase to win every criticism, play up to people to win their favor, then you will go through life being manipulated letting people squeeze you into their box” says Pastor Joel Osteen of America’s largest Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.  If you change to every criticism you will lose yourself. Don’t try to become a People Pleaser. You must realize you can’t keep every person happy; you just can’t make every person like you. No matter how kind you are, how good you are, there will always be people who will be jealous and criticize you for some reason. Just don’t bother. Be true to your holy self; quit trying to fulfill other’s purpose and say to yourself ‘I am free to be my proud self’.
Negative People will try to pull you down, belittle your thoughts, and shatter your confidence with their ill-words, narrow mindedness, and small thinking mentality. This is the time you need to hold on to your self-belief. You need to be bold, resilient, persevere and always, always stay positive. Successful people face a hell lot of failures and rejections. The average and mediocre crowd try to pull them down by several means – they mock and jeer at them (successful ones), they try to pull them out of the game and so on.  Eventually and every time, the class of Extra-Ordinaries triumphs.
Today, most humbly, I encourage you to Surround yourself with right people, just eliminate the negative one. Negativity is poisonous. Be true to yourself. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. Life is short. Live it BIG.
With Tons of Gratitude and Best wishes,
Narendra Gupta 
The ones who say ‘you can’t’ and “you won’t” are probably the ones scared that ‘you will’.