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I pray for speedy recovery of the little child who is fighting for her life at a hospital in Delhi. They say prayers have power and on this forum, may I urge each one of you to pray for the angel. She must live. She must go to school. She must enjoy her childhood and do something worthwhile in her life. Yes, she must see the good side of LIFE. It was certainly not a ‘good morning’ to start my day today. The barbaric act and the atrocities the child had gone through was disturbing me. You may read my feelings and my demand to the makers of law here I vision of such an India..

Today, I present to you my third poem in the series of eight poems I had written as a teenager. I wrote this poem just after my 10th Board Exam (March, 1999). School days are the most cherished days in one’s (academic) life. Leaving the school where I studied for eight long years was painful indeed. In fact, last week I shared my second poem  जीवन क्या है? that I had written on a sad note. The then (im-matured) Narendra had defined life on the basis of those eight years. Well! moving on, here is my feel good poem on the days I spent in my school. I dedicate this poem to all my school friends, teachers, and overall my school, Bokaro Ispat Vidyalaya, Sector 6A.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is my third poem, first time on a public forum, straight from the pages of my first journal:

मेरे स्कूल के वो दिन! 


Yes! I can see some of you chuckling reading my last page..All those childhood, innocent stuff 🙂

 पर जीवन के सपनो को सच करने के लिए
पापा-मम्मी के दुखों को बस करने के लिए
दर्द सहना होगा यह जुदाई का
एक सफल वयक्तित्व बनने के लिये ||


The teenager Narendra concluded his poems with the above lines, and rightly so. Each stage of life has its own importance. You need to enjoy it and keep moving forward.

Right next week, same day, (any time :P) comes my fourth poem, I had written on my Mother and all the mothers on Earth, titled ‘ माँ ‘. Stay tuned!!

Narendra Gupta
20 Apr 2013; 10:00pm 

Dear GOD, please save the little angel, give her the strength, give her life. Please.