Saturday, May 04, 2013;9:50am
Devanahalli International Airport, Bangalore

My Classics: Poem Corner

A very refreshing Hello!! to each one of you reading me now. May your day be filled with loads of enthusiasm, celebrations, passion, kindness and most of all  lots and lots of love. Hope you are in high spirits, loving your life and living to the fullest.
Its been a busy week. I had been completely engaged in packing and shifting stuffs for my transfer to the city of joy. Today, and finally, I bid farewell to the City of Gardens. Its been a happy 15 months of stay in the major IT hub of the country. Bangalore is good and I love it for reasons more than one. I will be happy to give it a visit time and again. However, certainly this is not the city where in I am going to settle for obvious reasons. Too far from home is the prime of them. I will be able to take good care of my dear Parents from a city near to home and Kolkata fits this requirement though there are other limitations in the Bengal Capital city. I am coming KOLKATA!!
Inline with my commitment of sharing my Poems, I had written in my teen years, I am here to present my fifth poem. This poem expressed my ambitions and dreams in life. Well! my flight is in another 30 minutes, so will make it short. Only point I wish to share today is that you must have GOALS in your life which propels you to get up from your couch each morning. A Goalless life is a worthless and an useless life. Today, I encourage every single of you to have goals and dream big. And most importantly do something about it.
So… Ladies and Gentlemen ….Here’s my fifth Poem straight from the pages of my first journal. Hope you would like it.
छू लेंगे आस्मां हम
Wishing each one of you a Very Happy Weekend.
Keep Winning! Keep Smiling!
Narendra Gupta