Mon/Tue, 18 Feb 2013; 12:15am
Electronic City, Bangalore
It’s been a highly engaging and busy day today. Attended the Ambassador Training Program at office premises from 8:30 in the morning till 5:30 in evening. Thereafter it was busy time at office wrapping up all my commitment before I leave for my home trip this Wednesday. I am longing to see my little doll, Sanskriti, can’t wait more, it’s been 6 months (it’s like 6 years) away from my Queen and Princess now.
I appreciate any noble gesture even if it is a small one when it comes from the purest of intentions. My office friend, Anand Vasu did a grand act of nobility recently. He provided food to over 40 children in an orphanage preferring it over feeding his relatives. Not only this he also provided ‘Cerelac’ to toddlers. The pics I saw of those small and lovely kids was heart rending and very touchy. A mother had left a new born on road………..!! While she might have done this because of poverty and inability to feed the baby….seeing that small baby in lap of someone else was quite emotional moment and touchy…God bless all such children and give strength to them and to people like Anand and N.G.Os. who provide service to take care of such lovely kids. God give me the strength and money enough to do something big for these beautiful creation of GOD who are deprived their basic rights of childhood.
 I took a deliberate off from the Electronic media yesterday and did something extremely big, you know. Yes, I broke a promise of almost 3 years (2.8 years to be precise) made to my Wifey for not drinking. Yes, I boozed yesterday with my Tamil friends and neighbour. Thanks to Keshavan for the delicious southern style chicken and rice. Cheers to all my four Tamil friends for the food and a peg of Whisky. Informed this to Wifey after having the dinner and she was furious as expected. I just convinced her that it’s not a daily affair and to trust me in my action. No one can impose anything on me, its you who take your decisions and not anybody else. Usually people in our part of the world believe Wine to be like an omen, and if you have it once, you will fall into its habit and everything will be ruined kind of …mentality. Anyways, I listened to my inner conscience and just enjoyed.
That’s enough for the day. Have to get up early for another yet another day of training.
Yes, I made excellent contribution to my Team leading them on all fronts and in all tasks, did a role play, made two presentations and encouraged my Team to participate. I was overwhelmed by the clapping sounds of the audience after my presentation. Am so Happy !!
Good Night Everyone!!