Tue/Wed, 04/05 Dec 2012;11:40pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
I took a day’s rest from this electronic media (Laptop & Internet) yesterday (04-Dec) after office hours and that’s the reason for my absence on my Daily Gratitude page. So, now I will update my major activities for both days.
Okay. Let me begin with yesterday’s. I skipped gym and had a busy day at work. Enjoyed my walk and the ‘Samosa chat’ by the ‘chat-wala’ from Banaras, UP. 
Today (M70- M3W7D20), went to Gym after a 3 day’s break. After the workouts, weighed 77.4 Kgs. The positive side is that for past 2 weeks, I can observe that the weight has remained in the range of 77.3 to 78.6 and that’s indeed something to cheer about. Let me give a pat to myself for this small but important achievement of mine. I must remember that I am still far away from my target (of 70 Kgs). So, stay focused Narendra and keep working on. 
It was yet another busy day at work. I feel amazed to see my colleague, Moumita who works with such a dedication and determination though a junior to me. Even though She’s just over 2 years of experience her deliverables overide people with 6-7 years of experience. You inspire me, Moumita. 
With that I call it a day.