Saturday, 18 May 2013;9:50am
Krishnapur, Kolkata

My Classics: Poem Corner

     “Because I miss them. Because I need them. Because I love them.”
― Rebecca Wells, on family relationships
Hello Everyone in this beautiful world around! How are you doing today? Hope you are fit, fine and healthy; and hope all your relations are healthy and sound. I took a break last Saturday spending some of the most memorable moments with family and relatives. Today I present to you my Sixth poem I had written after my school days. This poem is based on the importance of relations in life. There is an old saying that health and relationships are the two most important thing that we usually take for granted and we do realize its value only after we lose them. I urge each one of you not to repeat the same, and that please, please respect and love your loved ones now onwards (if you are not doing so already) and on time before it’s too late.

जीवन के ये रिश्ते 

Hope you liked this poem. Next week, I come with my seventh and also my last but one poem I had written in my early years. The poem is titled ‘ऐसा हो मेरा परिवार’, an account of my ideal family.

God Bless Every Living being!

Narendra Gupta