Sunday, 17 March 2013; 10:15pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

This morning I got up with the mission to submit my Annual Appraisal, later in the morning received call from my Manager from Kolkata requesting me to finish the appraisal before afternoon. Now, by no means I could postpone it to the final day which is tomorrow. and then began my marathon quest to collect facts and info for the past 1 year to feed in my online appraisal form. Yes, after spending whole day (cooked and took nap for almost 2 hours in between), I submitted my Annual Appraisal 2012-13 at 8:30 pm this evening, 1 day in advance. Why such a hype on this appraisal? You know (in fact, you don’t), this appraisal is crucial to me as based on the pay hike received, I will decide whether to stay with this organization or 2013 will be my final year at Wipro (# Commitment).
This Sunday was all about office and related work for me. Hope you all had a nice one.
Looking forward for the cheerful Monday. Happy Monday and the Week ahead to all !!
Good Night.
Narendra Gupta