Fri/Sat, 05/06 April 2013; 2:02am
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Yet another beautiful day full of learning, inspiration, and joy passing by. Let me express a big Thank You to my Parents, the nature, and every single person on earth who came across my life today for making my day so full of life and worthwhile. Alone, I am nothing but in (with) the company of each one of you, I feel so fulfilled and happy. Let me express my sincerest of Thank You to the almighty for keeping me alive and gifting me with one more beautiful day of life. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!!
I started the day determined to complete my office task given by my customer a couple of days ago though it was not a deadline set by them today, rather one set by self. I did submit a quality deliverable which made my customer happy. Customer satisfaction is always the top focus in my work. Later in the evening after finishing-off my work, I went for snacks along with Sushil and Ajitesh. They are pursuing their MS program in Wipro, basically are rookies. I felt happy to learn their perspectives towards various things in life. They are brimming with passion and energy. Yes, they are in learning stage, even I am. Carrying few years of experience more than my two new friends, I thought they need to be mentored on few aspects which they ignore so easily. Few things which Sushil and Ajitesh (and many others) brush aside are ‘importance of eating on time’, ‘complaining about things and situation’ (I was a leader in this habit a year ago) , ‘needlessly feeling remorseful what they could not do in the past’ and so on.
I suggested my junior friends to enjoy whatever work comes their way instead of complaining about the technology, team etc. I told them about living life and not only going after money. I narrated the ‘2BHK Flat story of an IT Engineer’. They were moved after listening. Later spent most of the time chatting and gossiping with office mates.
Couple of hours back met my new room mate, Upendra (from AP) at Wipro Guesthouse. After formal introduction, we exchanged thoughts on ‘how it feels while working with Wipro’. Well! if you ask me, apart from the compensation, I feel good working with Wipro. But as promised earlier, this might be my final year at the Azim Premzi founded organization and it all depends on the pay hike I would receive. I also suggested Upendra on the right eating habits. He looks sincere to mend his ways of eating to put his fiteness levels on track.
I call it a day now.
Good Night and Sweet Dreams!!
Narendra Gupta