Wed/Thu, 03/04 April 2013; 1:00am
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

It was a great day to be alive. Yesterday, I took break from electronic media (my laptop and internet in context). Today, I started the day with workout at Gym, did a mix of Cardio and Weights today. At office it was an eventful day. I did few things which I had been gaining courage to do for past 2 days but due to some or the other reason I had to put if off. Post this, I was feeling overwhelmed with work, not doing much but just feeling lack of confidence. In the past, on several occasions, under pressure, I feel overwhelmed with work and instead of doing the right thing (doing the work with face value) I start feeling the pressure. It happened the same today as well. Late in the evening I was feeling comfortable after the meeting with my onsite folks, then I had an amicable chat with the Customer EIT helpdesk.
My  young room mate, Gilbert Sangma would be checking out of the guest house tomorrow, so I brought sweets for him. He was so happy to receive it. While fliping channels (tv) and watching some of the bollywood movies, we shared some lighter moments laughing over the sequences in the movies.. ‘one actor fights scores of gundas’, the hindi songs in which the actor run behind the actresses and so on, real hillareous scenes indeed. An hour ago, Saurabh, young enthusiastic lad, friend of Gilbert, had done job in event management for 6 years. Goodness, event management is something which fascinates me as well.
Well I stop at this point today. Its already 2 in the night (morning). Catch you all tomorrow.
Good Night, Good Morning.
Narendra Gupta