Thursday, 18-Apr-2013; 10:33pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Accomplishment of the day was my first step towards expanding the SAP Team over here in Kolkata Development Centre. In this regard, I sent my first mail to my Managers seeking approval of the same and providing the list of resources who would be attending the Training. I received good appreciation on this initiative of mine. Well, this is just on mail and I have to make great efforts to make it reality and a successful one. I have a vision of creating new business opportunities for my organization and these are my baby steps towards achieving that dream. Definitely there is a long way to go from here. 

I quote from the book, the Leader who had no title, some beautiful lines, Robin Sir has offered on why we should love and adore our work:

“Work offers you a daily platform to discover the leader within. It’s a chance, everyday to reclaim more of the potential you’ve buried and to and to awaken the dormant relationship between the current you and your absolute best. It’s an opportunity to express more of your latent creativity and a whole lot more of your precious humanity. And presenting more of the genius and brilliance you truly are to those around you so that, in your own special way, you help more people, is pretty much the purpose of life. And that’s why I suggest that doing world class work is also the central purpose of life.”
Moving on, I went to Gym today (M70: S2 – M1W3D9) and did exercises for shoulders after 20 minutes of Cardios. The exercises included shoulder press, side lateral raise, front raise, upright rowing, and short grip pull up. The Gym instructors here at KDC are helpful and eager to guide you with the right postures in various exercises. I am thankful to Subho and Chandan for their assistance in the past 2 weeks. 
Earlier in the day at office, I encouraged Dipanjana to learn from the KT sessions across various teams and just not wait for the invite mails. I inspired Samrat and Sushil to add value to their works. I offered it is so important to give your best shot to your work, even your small work is counting and adding to finally gain revenue for Wipro.
That is all for today. Will connect with you all tomorrow.
Good Night. Subh Ratri.
Narendra Gupta
12:32am (took a long IPL break in-between)