Tuesday, 23 April 2013; 10:30pm
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Today’s spoon of motivation based on my learning from people I meet in daily life!

While I dedicated my full day in search of my new accommodation in the City of Joy, I met so many interesting people in the process. Samir is a broker by choice, he is into this business for last 15 years and believes such businesses are done on trust. He is soft spoken and down to earth. Nirmal, husband and a father, invests his full day receiving calls, roaming through out the city. He did show me some 4-5 flats which I didn’t like due to some reason or the other. He was honest in his effort and I did small bit from my side by giving him a ‘meal’ treat. The third broker I met was Sajal who showed me the only flat before I left for office and paused my quest for home search for a while. The best thing was that I just started my day by calling Samir in the morning, and then through Samir I met Nirmal and through Nirmal I met Sajal. So if I take flat shown by them, each of them will have some share of the brokerage money, they work on trust, absolute trus. Interesting. Isn’t it?
Evening I started my quest by meeting Dharmendar, whose contact I got through Sulekha.com. I saw one flat in Salt Lake area here which I didn’t like. Thereafter I met Manoj (acquaintance of Dharmendra) and through Manoj, I met Nihar, another Oriya guy and through Nihar, I met the young barber cum broker Appu. Appu, who is hardly 17-18, says his main business is brokerage and this barber’s shop is a side business. He showed me some 4-5 flats of which  I liked the last one finally and would confirm it by tomorrow possibly. Well! I mentored young Appu a bit after watching him making loud comments at every girl walking in the street. He is a good guy slightly misguided though.
What a day it had been. lot of walking. completely tired and exhausted. Calling it a day.
Good Night Friends and Well Wishers and Dear Readers !!
Hope you are enjoying the journey through life.
Narendra Gupta