Sunday, 09th Dec 2012;11:30pm
Electronic City, Bangalore
The Cook in Me…. Fish Fry for the First time ever
There are thousands of things which we do for first time in our lives. If you observe in everyday life, we do something or the other, which is being done for the first time ever. There are some special and memorable experiences (like when as an infant you spoke, walked, or went to school for the first time, first crush, first love, and the list goes on…) and there are few other things happening in daily life which we don’t even notice though they are also first timers. A few of the memorable experiences in recent past (last 1-2years) which I had for the First Time ever, were Flying in a plane (12-Oct-2010, Swiss Airways, Mumbai-Zurich-Birmingham), First feet in a foreign land (13-Oct-2010, England), First International Degree (MS in HRMB, 21-Nov-2011), First time Father (16-Oct-2012), Very very special moments of Life, especially the last one.
I have been cooking for several years now but today is a remarkable day in my life as a cook. You know what, I cooked FISH for the first time, yes first time ever in my whole life till today. Thanks to my cooking tutor, my Mom whose clear instructions over phone helped me achieve this milestone 🙂
Sharing a glimpse of my cuisine today:
Fish …..with Gravy
Trying something for the first time doesn’t necessarily have to be huge….Thoroughly enjoyed my cooking (and of-course eating) ….Cooking Fish for the first time ever in my life. 
Good Night Everyone!
Narendra Gupta