Monday, 10th Dec 2012; 10:45pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

What a work-a-holic day it had been. From 9 in the morning till 8 in the evening with suitable breaks in between. But the best part is that I thoroughly enjoyed my work today and didn’t feel fatigued until late in the evening. Attended a training session on MS Excel and was quite amazed to know about this marvelous tool. We in general use not even 5% of the features of this wondrous microsoft application. I am Thankful to my Trainer Mr. Syed for the valuable lessons taught.
Later in the evening, enjoyed my dinner (Garma-garam Plain-Parathas with sabji n chatni)  at the Bihari Dhaba near office. Food in absolute Bihari style, just loved it. Feeling so tired after a completely engaging day….
Looking forward for tomorrow, M-70 into Week 8 now…This week minimum benchmark of 4 days of workout…Work at Peak….I am Loving this Life.

Good Night. Sweet Dreams to all.

Narendra Gupta