Fri/Sat, 21/22 Dec 2012; 12:50am
Electronic City, Bangalore.

Let me start with something I am feeling guilty about today. I lied to a colleague over something which was not at all required. While it was just a slip of tongue, I remained on what I had said to him. I do not know why? It’s not that I do not lie or am a ‘HarishChandra’ type , I lie when I make up my mind to, importantly, when I convince myself it is okay to lie in this particular case. But today’s lie was not required at all. Friends, I seek your suggestion here. If you are reading me, please suggest, if I should go to that person and tell him the right thing or should I just forget it, with no one bothers mentality??

I had a very good sleep last night, warmed and wrapped in hot blanket in this lovely, cold December nights of Bangalore. When I got up, it was already 9:15 this morning. I rushed to office after a quick bath. After I got down from the bus to office, a young guy came saying “How are you Sir?” He was unknown to me, I replied “I am fine, Thank you and How are you doing? ” He said “I am good Sir. Are you in Cardinal Account, I see you there, I am a fresher with 6 months of experience……he contd…” I could see the brightness and energy in his eyes. I encouraged and wished him to do well in his team. I get inspired by them, and in the meanwhile I realized I have started developing a good rapo in the ODC of over 200 people. It was a normal business at work and today we met our first deadline. Work Satisfied for the day!!

Looking forward for a restful Saturday and Sunday celebrating peace with self, peace for mind, peace for my physical being, complete peace..before we enter the final week of 2012.

Good Night Friends!

Narendra Gupta

Today’s Act of kindness: I excused a Girl who almost banged the ODC entrance gate unknowingly when I was about to enter. She apologized. My reply “it’s okay. Good Morning” brought smiles on her face.