Wednesday, 26-Dec-12;11:50pm
Electronic City, Bengaluru
I took a day’s rest from office being down under fever today. It is such times when you miss your family the most. I, today realized, I have been missing all those precious moments of my baby who is growing older day by day and that this phase of her life won’t come again, I also realized that my Parents who are getting older day by day, I have been missing their company for long, ever since I left home for my studies in  2003, they are growing older and I must serve them, for this phase of their life won’t return, I have seen scores of example when people realize the importance of their loved ones after they are gone. Financial commitments and struggles of life are an ongoing process but the moments you are missing …..and LOSING, won’t return Narendra, DO something about it.
Narendra Gupta