Tue/Wed, 08/09 Jan 2013; 12:05am
Electronic City, Bangalore

I am so furious over that bullshit ‘Autowala’, that illiterate, uncivilized, and rude moron. While returning home (from office), an hour ago, I boarded an Auto (which was passing by, and without any passenger) on the condition that I would pay him the fare (usually) paid on shared basis only (there was auto stand near by and if he would have replied otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken that ‘Auto’) and he nodded saying ‘yes’. After going over some distance he stopped and started waiting for more passengers, he waited for more than 5 minutes and when i said ‘Bhaia Please chalo, der ho rahi hai’, that animal started shouting, arguing, raising fingers in a very uncivilized manner. When I said, ‘you didn’t say that you will stop midway’, he further got aggravated, he told ‘I will wait for half an hour, its my wish,……’. Now, this behaviour was completely unacceptable, and when I told, I will complain to Police, he displayed no fear for Police, instead, he said, ‘its (Police Station) near by, you can go and complain’. Bullshit. He could have requested to wait for some time and I would have happily waited. Because of such scoundrel autowalas, who denied going to Damini’s place (Delhi Rape Case victim), she had to board the bus with killers on that fateful night of 16th Dec 2012. Damn such dirty people. I left the auto and walked the rest of distance (around 2.5 Kms).
Okay. Now that I have expressed my anger over the moron, I feel better 🙂
Earlier in the day, I was quite reluctant to come out of blanket (in this cold morning), feeling lazy and loath to go to office. Somehow, not to miss a day’s attendance, I got up at 10:15am (breaking all records on office days) and reached office only by 12 noon (again all records on time commitment shattered). Yes, M-70 progressed by a day with some Cadrio, Weights and Abs exercises today (M70 – M4W12D28). 
And YES, I appreciate the arrest of hate-monger politician, Akbarrudin Owaisi. He should be isolated and kept aloof, far away from public life. Any such people, be it Praveen Togadia, or Varun Gandhi or anyone who try to do vote bank politics by using communal routes are unacceptable to India. They should be isolated from public life for ever. These people are bizarre disease to Indian democracy.
I LOVE MY INDIA and as a citizen of India, I disown any such people (be it a hindu or muslim) who try to create hatred in society speaking against the interests of Motherland.
Good Night Friends, Hope you are enjoying your journey of struggles, disappointment, sadness, delight, excitement, joy, and happiness, hope you are enjoying your LIFE 🙂
Narendra Gupta