Wed/Thu, 10/11 April 2013; 12:20am
Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Today, I celebrate 150 days of writing (Daily Gratitude) on my website. I am thankful to all the forces (external and internal) which has helped me achieve this milestone, and  be consistent in this regard. I know the quality of my writing may not match the ones of a professional writer, let me tell you one thing here, I always wished to be consistent and do my best to improve each single day. 

As said earlier, I started my weights training (M70 – Season2) this Monday. Its been 3 days of intensive exercising. Monday, I did for Chest part, Tuesday was for Biceps, and it was the turn of Squats, Lunges, Legs breaks, Push ups accompanied with crunches and abdominal exercises today. Will publish the complete chart some other day. Now, after 3 days, my condition is such that I cant lift my hand to take a glass of water. The whole body specially the shoulders and chest are paining like hell. Well! in spite of the excessive pain, I am loving the new mix of exercises altogether. 
I feel too tired to write anymore. Calling it a day.
Good Night!!
Narendra Gupta