Saturday, 17th Nov 2012;9:45pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

Today two sad incidences filled the headlines of Newspapers (online) across India. Firstly, the demise of Mr. Balasaheb Thakre, Shiv Sena founder. Although, I was not a great admirer of his political party and political agenda, I do appreciate few other aspects of his life. Second bad incidence was the killing of Businessman, Ponty Chada and his brother Hardeep by each other over squabble that broke out on the property issue. I wonder what these mindless people gained over the bullshit fight, did they carry all the money or the assets they had gained all their lives after death, for which all the fight was about. Anyway, May God forgive them for their deadly sins, may the souls rest in peace.

Moving on, in my personal life,today, I Got up by 6:30 am braving the chilling morning of November only to rush for the Gym. Finally, could meet up my target of 3 days of Gym this week. With the given time, worked out on the elliptical machine for 20-25 minutes losing 250 Cal. At the end of Day 13 (M2W4D13*) of Mission 70, I weighed 79.5 Kgs.  I can feel the heat now and just think how difficult it is to lose weight and more difficult is to maintain that lost weight. Last week, I had come down to as low as 78.3 Kg and in 10 days time, I have regained over 1 Kg. Restraint over diet would play important role in this regard. Next week would be fruit-bowl exclusive lunch, looking forward for the coming week of work-out..

Good Night, Sweet dreams

Narendra Gupta

* (M2W4D13) – Please read as 2nd Month, 4th week, 13th day.