Monday, 17 Dec 2012; 11:25pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

From 7 in the morning till 10:30 in the evening, it was a day completely spent at office and I could reach home only by 11 pm today. After 10 long days, I finally went to Gym today (M70 – M3W9D22), did cardiovascular along with few abs exercises. At work, I feel the need to utilize the time more wisely. I see that amidst lot of distractions like phone calls, instant messenger, other low priority tasks I get lost and forget my priorities. Other than this, What I think as pro-activeness is sometimes not sufficient enough from management perspective so, need to have a vigil on that as well. Self-development is a continuous and an ongoing journey. It applies for me and for all of you reading me as well.

Keep Developing, Keep Winning.

Narendra Gupta

Today’s Act of Kindness: Today I encouraged a Fresher Girl, Margaratte she was imparting giving KT (knowledge Transfer) to me on behalf of her team (in their absence). She initially said, she is not good enough and won’t be able answer all my queries, I encouraged her to go for it and praised her at the end saying she did a decent job (in fact, she did), she is good to provide KT to others as well. I felt happy with her broad smile.