Wednesday, 31st-Oct-2012;11:00pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

I am in love with the weather here in Bangalore. Thanks to Madam ‘Neelam’ bringing in non-stop rain for last 36 hours and no signs of rest, still on song. Lovely it is. I love this cluttering sound of rain, that which I can hear now, the aroma of the soil when it rains, the chillness this rain brings, just love it. You will not have a second thought that the weather is ideal for a stay at home spending some quality time with family enjoying hot ‘pakodas’.

Okay. This was M70-W2D6 when I did Exercise set 1 prescribed by Jack Braniff of ‘Urban Energie’. It consisted of Squat to press (12,12,12), Toe Taps (30,30), T-Press ups(8,5,5 against expected 12,12,12 (found it hard to do today),Clean Press (10,10), Dumbell Swing (15Kg-12/12) followed by Lateral Raises. Feel satisfied and some self-worth even though the muscles in different parts ache.

Experience always has an edge. Got to learn a lot from my senior member in Project, Varghese George. He solves complex things (at least which appear to me) with a great ease. I thank you Varghese for all the inputs you had provided to prepare the final report today. Sent the final report at around 7:30pm in the evening and then left only to learn (at home while checking mail) that it got stuck in my outlook outbox :)So another lesson for me and my readers – pls pls check your outbox/sent mail folder while sending the status report to your client/superiors before rushing out at the end of work.

Good Night, Subhratri.
Narendra Gupta

P.S. M-70: W2D6 Weight in the morning after workout (80.2 Kg) (Reduced by 0.3 Kg from last week)