Monday, 26 August 2013; 11:25pm
Kestopur, Kolkata, India
I have been quite inconsistent in all my activities past few days, feeling quite slothful and lazy. I had been least motivated at work, with family and above all within self. I do not know the exact reason, to some extent may be I am still taking time to adjust with the extreme (and most uncertain) weather conditions of Kolkata. The humidity has taken over me. I get tired and feel like resting. falling asleep very often….Ever since I relocated to Kolkata, have been feeling the  utmost importance of staying healthy and fit. Sometime I feel, there is an inbuilt mechanism for laziness in my body.
Well! not all negative is happening in life. There are few reason to feel good and happy. Recently on Sanskriti’s first birthday, my Parents along few other family members came to Kolkata to celebrate the occasion. Being with Parents and importantly an opportunity to serve them is an awesome feeling. I am with my GOD after 11 long years for these many days (for more than 2 weeks), will pen more on this in a separate blogpiece.
Yesterday, I resumed going to Gym after a break of 2 weeks fighting all my laziness and it was day code (M70S2: M1W4D9) today i.e. (Mission70 Season2: Month 1st, Week 4th, Day 9th). There is something exceptionally good about exercising (doing some sort of physical work). I feel awesome and have started regaining my strength. Looking forward to continue exercising at least for 20 minutes a day.
Last Sunday, I visited Budge Budge to meet the youngest and the only living brother of my own (late) Grandfather. For most part of his life, he has worked in the Jute Mills of the old city. Although my Grandpa is retired, has rejoined the mills and works there part-time doing some of the administrative works to do away with the boredom. Dadi-jee expired years ago due to bad health.
The Kalipur campus around which the jute mills are situated is almost like a village and cut from the city Kolkata. The population there is mostly the Bhojpuri speaking people from Bihar. Here, am sharing few of the snaps I had taken of the beautiful campus…
Beautiful and ‘Disciplined’  – in a Queue Trees
Ecstatic Kids posing super-enthusiastically.
Mohan Bagan of Tomorrow
Kids playing with pebbles
I will touch the sky
Mai (I am) Narendra
Good Night with Lots of Love!

Narendra Gupta
27 August 2013; 12:30am