Wed/Thu, 07/08-Nov-2012;1:45am
Electronic City, Bangalore

Wednesday was one such day when I had complete ambivalence in thoughts about various things, was not feeling confident enough, do not know the reason for this uncertainty inside though.

Got up at 6:55 am in the morning only to rush for the Gym, reached at 7:30 and did some 30-35 minutes of sprinting on the elliptical trainer and treadmill burning out 250 Cal. Good thing about the day was when I received my red Badge which Wiproites receive on completion of 5 years of service (would be completing my 5 years of association with Wipro on 12th Nov 2012). Received few complements from colleagues for the same.

At work, I was not focused enough though did some report gathering work for my module’s execution. At the end of day, gathered info on filling my appraisal. Hated the set-dosa dinner with all sour-in-taste ‘sambhar’ and ‘chatni’. Retired to bed immediately after that (9pm) only to get up at 1am.

Returning to bed once again,
Good Night/Good Morning to all
Thu, 08-Nov-12, 2:05am

P.S: M-70: M2W3D9 completed – Sprinting on Elliptical/Treadmill – 250 Cal Burnout.