Tuesday, 18 Dec 2012; 11:00pm
Electronic City, Bangalore

I got up at 6:45 am today and with an ambivalent mind whether to go for Gym after a busy and exhausting day yesterday. I finally decided to skip the Gym and took another 10-15 minutes of nap after calling my parents early this morning. At work things moved on in bits and pieces, though spend so much of time, sometimes I do not feel that work satisfaction I have been craving for. Sometimes I start questioning myself, is it worthwhile? Is it efficient enough?
With that question to self, I call it a day.
Good Night Everyone.
Narendra Gupta
Today’s Act of Kindness: Today, I offered money to a blind beggar couple. Even though the amount was too less to fulfill their need for a day, it would fetch them a chapati and that makes me feel good.