Sun/Mon, 06/07 Jan 2013; 1:48am
Electronic City, Bangalore
Politicians like Raj Thackrey and Akbaruddin Owaisi are disease to India. Politics by invoking hatred in a section of society serves no good. Such leadership should be weeded out for the good of the nation. Just now I was seeing the hate speech of Akbaruddin on youtube and was quite surprised how this person is moving freely after making such a lowly, derogatory and hateful speech against a Religion in a secular country. People like him should be given the harshest of punishment and kept aloof from the society.

I enjoyed reading articles of Mr. M J Akbar and Sobha De in TOI this morning. Akbar says ‘you can expect a Christmas tree, not a budget’ this February by Mr. P Chidambram. There will be more gifts for the electorate. Rightly so, what more we can expect from this Government which has failed on most occasions. Shobha says ‘2013 belongs to the citizens of the Country’ and I truly believe in this. I hope this year would prove to be the milestone in changing mindsets of the country. 

I spent this Sunday peacefully. I came to know about the P90X fitness program from my friend Anand Vasu. The program recommends a 90 days workout guaranteeing fit and toned body, certainly something good in the way of M-70. Looking for an exciting day tomorrow.

Good Night Friends.

Narendra Gupta